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Solemnity-Baptism of our Lord

                         January 7, 2018


Change of address or phone number, for parish registration, hospital visitations or Sacramental needs, baptism and wedding arrangements, please contact the Parish Office by calling 412.276.5562 or 412.678.0566. Office Hours: Fridays 9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M or by appointment.  Bulletin announcements should be received by Father by Wednesday for Sunday publication either by phone or E-mail at BSleczkowski@aol.comProduct Image


 Parish Staff:

  Fr. Bruce Sleczkowski, Pastor 412.276.5562

  Ted Gibala, Committee Chairman 412.678.7347

  Carol Davelli, Choir Director 412.678.2368

  Wendy Blotzer, Organist, Bell Choir 412.203.1747                          

  David Kost, Lector Coordinator 412.519.7771

  Patricia Bagshaw, Youth Director 412.953.5123

  George Jugan, Cemetery Coordinator 412.653.1467

  Parish Custodian 412.678.7347                                           The Holy Family





Baptism of our Lord Liturgy


OPENING HYMN                                                               Bulletin

Entrance Hymn                              Matthew 3: 16-17; Psalm 72: 13                                                                                     

 P:   After Jesus was baptized, He came up from the water and

       behold, the heavens were opened, (for Him) and He saw the

       Spirit of god descending like a dove (and) coming upon Him.

       And a voice came from the heavens, saying, this is My

       beloved Son, with Whom I am well pleased.

 R:  He shows pity to the needy and the poor and saves the lives of

       the poor.

 P:  Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

 R:  As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world

      without end. Amen.                                                                               

KYRIE                                                                                 Page 67

GLORIA                                                                               Page 68



 First Reading                                                       Isaiah 42: 1-4, 6-7                

 Responsorial Psalm                                                            Psalm 29                                       

 R: The Lord will bless His people with peace. 

Second Reading                                                        Acts: 10: 34-38                 

Gospel Acclamations                                                         Mark 9: 6            

 C:   Alleluia,

 R:   Alleluia,

 C:   The heavens were opened, and the Father’s voice was heard:

        this is my beloved Son, hear Him.

 R:   Alleluia.  

 Gospel                                                                          Mark 1: 7-11


 NICENE CREED                                                                 Page 71


     R:  Lord, Hear our Prayer.

 CANON                        Eucharistic Prayer 3                       Page 84

 THE LORD’S   PRAYER                                                    Page 95

 COMMUNION                                                                    Page 98


 DISMISSAL BLESSING                                                  Page 100

 CLOSING HYMN                                                              Bulletin




Opening Hymn: “Songs of Thankfulness and Praise”

CC Hymnal 227 verses 1, 2 & 4


Song of thankfulness and praise, Jesus Lord to you we raise

Manifested by the star, to the sages from afar

Branch of royal David’s stem, in your birth at Bethlehem

Anthems be to you addrest, God in flesh made manifest.


Manifest at Jordan’s stream, Prophet, Priest and King supreme

And at Cana wedding guest, in your Godhead manifest

Manifest in pow’r divine, changing water into wine

Anthems be to you addrest, God in flesh made manifest.


Grant us grace to see you Lord, Mirrored in your holy word

May we imitate you now, And on us your grace endow

That we like to you may be, at your great epiphany

And may praise you ever blest, God in flesh made manifest



Closing Hymn: “Joy to the World”

PNCC Hymnal #80


Joy to the world! The Lord is come; Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room, And heaven and nature sing,
And heaven and nature sing, And heaven, nature sing

and heaven and nature sing.


Joy to the earth! the Savior reigns; Let men their songs employ;
While fields and floods, Rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy, Repeat the sounding joy,
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy.


No more let sins and sorrows grow, Nor thorns infest the ground;

He comes to make His blessings flow, Far as the curse is found

Far as the curse is found Far as, far as the curse is found.


He rules the world with truth and grace, and makes the nations prove
the glories of His righteousness, and wonders of His love,
and wonders of His love, and wonders, wonders of His love.





Sunday, January 7, 2018               Baptism of the Lord

Installation of 2018 Parish Council

Holy Mass                                                          9:00 A.M.

SOCL Class                                                      10:15 A.M.

Holy Mass                                                        11:00 A.M.                           


Wednesday, January 3, 2018            

Bible Class                                                         6:00 P.M.


Sunday, January 14, 2018                            Ordinary 2

Mission Collection

Holy Mass                                                          9:00 A.M.

+Dr. Donald Mushalko Int.  Janet & Bill Korch;

+ Eleanor Sharik Int. Mr. Tom Piotrowski

SOCL Class                                                      10:15 A.M.

SAMBS Monthly Meeting                               10:15 A.M.

Holy Mass                                                        11:00 A.M.

+Joseph Ferenac Int. Mr. & Mrs. Leo Divitto                           


Those who would like to take their memorial poinsettias and angels home, may do so after today’s Mass.  Please do not take the plastic plant water containers.


Sunday Ministry Schedule


Today               9:00 A.M.                                 11:00 A.M.

Greeters          M. Krusienski                            A. Fioravanti                       

Lectors            Red Team                                  B. & L. Zaucha  

Ushers             B. Griffiths & G. Jobes             J. Wagner


Nest Week       9:00 A.M.                                 11:00 A.M.

Greeters          C. Trumpe                                 A. Fioravanti

Lectors            Youth Team                              B. & L. Zaucha

Ushers             J. Trumpe & J. Lawrence         J. Wagner



       Baptism of our Lord Gospel Word Search

Baptism of our Lord

It may seem strange, but this is a Christmas Feast. Not if we think of Christmas only in terms of the Baby in Bethlehem, but if we have followed the ideas of the Feasts of Holy Family and especially Epiphany, and have seen the Season in terms of the growing manifestation or appearing of the Son of God: first to the shepherds and then to the wise men from the East. Now in the River Jordan, Jesus, Son of Mary, is revealed to all as the fullness of all Gods promises: “This is my Son, the Beloved”. On this day we stand before the revelation of God’s love for us, such that he would send his only Son into the world. Christmas without the Baptism of the Lord, and the words that are spoken from heaven, would be incomplete, since it is only in them that we fully see the wonder of what happened in Bethlehem, that we fully understand the reason for the joy with which we celebrated Christmas Day. As we come to the end of Christmas today, and look forward to hearing the Gospel in Ordinary Time, we do so having been shown who it is we listen to: the only Son of God, the Beloved.



 Snow Removal Volunteers & Cancellation Notices

The winter weather is upon us and sometimes the snow falls prior to Church services or events. To keep the walkways clear, we need some volunteers to come with shovels. If severe icy and snow accumulations occur, cancellation or revised schedule notices will be announced on our website, Facebook, and local news channels.



For Koledy-Epiphany Home blessing call Fr. Bruce at 412.276.5562 for scheduling.



Year of the Family 2018

Lord, let this year be filled with the things that are truly good—with the comfort of warmth in our relationships, with the strength to help those who need our help and the humility and openness to accept help from others.


As our Church dedicates the year 2018 to the family, may we emulate our Holy Family making a firm resolution to place God first in our lives and homes.  May we feed faithfully upon the Eucharist during Holy Mass each week to nourish our spiritual being, forgive others as we have forgiven and share the Good News to all.


The quarterly meeting for PNU District 5 scheduled for Saturday, January 27, 2018, is slated to be a teleconference meeting beginning promptly at 11:00am. 



Thank You:  Fr. Bruce & Marian would like to thank our parish family for the beautiful Christmas Cards, Gifts, Baked Goods and Warm Wishes during this holiday season.  God bless you for kindness and generosity.


Now is the time to reserve dates for special Mass requiem intentions and for hall rentals for the year.  Please contact Fr. Bruce by calling 412.276.5562 or emailing him you’re your special requests.


Today we will be installing our Parish Board.  Please keep each member in prayer as you have entrusted them to serve as stewards of our parish.


2018 Board of Directors

Chairman:  Ted Gibala;

Vice Chairman: Donald Newcamp;

Financial Secretary:  Terry Kleckner;

Financial Secretary: Janis Gibala;

Treasurer:  Sharon Kish;

Board of Directors:  Helen Mulac, Wendy Blotzer, Brian Stahurski, Marcia Angel, Bozena Kijowski, Dee Dee Eagan, Jean Crouch and Frank Pociask.  Alternates:  Kathy Trumpe and Debbie Parknavy. 

Auditors:  Marian Sleczkowski, Rose Mary Pociask and David Kost;

Parish Tribunal:  Janet Korch, Rosalie Clark and Fr. Bruce Sleczkowski



Next Saturday at 9:00 A.M. we will be taking down the Christmas decorations in the Church.  Please come and help us.    Thank you.




     Baptism of the Lord


First Reading: Isaiah 42: 1-4, 6-7

Responsorial: Psalm 29

Second Reading: Acts 10: 24-38

Gospel: Mark 1: 7-11


KEY VERSE: "This is my beloved Son.  On you my favor rests.”                                                                                                                       

                                                                                       Mark 1:11

READINGS: Isaiah’s image of God’s servant profoundly influenced the Gospel accounts of Christ’s baptism.  Jesus was understood as the true servant, the one in whom his Father delighted.  In our second reading, the same servant theme is heard again.  Jesus is the servant whom God anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power.  Jesus’ mission and destiny as servant are confirmed by the Fathers voice and the Spirit


REFLECTING: Jesus wants to be fully identified with us, with humans, with those who are sinners, those who are marginalized, oppressed, pushed aside. In that crowd that came to follow John and be baptized, there were people of every class, every order, every nationality. There were Gentiles, there were Jews, there were rich, there were poor, there were soldiers, there were peacekeepers -- everyone -- and Jesus comes to be one with them, and therefore, with all of us. He is fully human, the Son of God but also the son of Mary. It's a mystery that is beyond our comprehension. We accept it in faith, that this God is one like us in every way, so He's our brother. He's our friend. He's part of our human family. He's part of our human history.

PRAYING: Let us pray that our reception of Christ’s body and blood keep us faithful to the promises we made at Baptism. May we become the true disciples so that we can make a difference in our world through His Church.  We pray this through Christ our Lord.