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Solemnity-Humble Shepherds

        January 8, 2017

    Change of address or phone number, for parish registration, hospital visitations

    or Sacramental needs, baptism and wedding arrangements, please contact the

    Parish Office by calling 412.276.5562 or 412.678.0566. Office Hours: Fridays

    9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M or by appointment.  Bulletin announcements

    should be received by Father by Wednesday for Sunday publication either by

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 Parish Staff:

  Fr. Bruce Sleczkowski, Pastor 412.276.5562

  Ted Gibala, Committee Chairman 412.678.7347

  Carol Davelli, Choir Director 412.678.2368

  Wendy Blotzer, Organist, Bell Choir 412.203.1747                          

  David Kost, Lector Coordinator 412.519.7771

  Patricia Bagshaw, Youth Director 412.953.5123

  George Jugan, Cemetery Coordinator 412.653.1467

  Parish Custodian 412.678.7347                                    

           The Holy Family


Solemnity of the Humble Shepherd Liturgy

OPENING HYMN                        “Let us Hasten”                         Bulletin                        

Introductory Rite                                                                              Page 63

 Entrance Hymn                                       Wisdom 18: 14-15a; Psalm 93: 2                            

 P:  For when peaceful stillness compassed everything and the night in its

      swift course was half spent, Your all-powerful Word from heaven’s

      royal throne bounded, a fierce warrior, into the doomed land.

 R: Your throne stands firm from of old; You are everlasting, Lord.

 P:  Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

 R:  As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world

      without end. Amen.                                                                               

 KYRIE                                                                                             Page 67



  First Reading                                                                     Isaiah 62: 11-12                          

  Responsorial Psalm                                                                       Psalm 97     

  R:  A light will shine on us this day; the Lord is born for us.

  Second Reading                                                                        Titus 3: 4-7     

 Gospel Acclamations.                                                                Luke 2: 14                                 

 C:   Alleluia   

 R:   Alleluia 

 C:   Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to those on whom His

       favor rests.

 R:   Alleluia 

 Gospel                                                                                      Luke 2: 15-20   


NICENE CREED                                                                               Page 71


     R:  Lord, Hear our Prayer

OFFERTORY                                                                                    Page 73


 CANON                           Eucharistic Prayer 2                                 Page 82

THE LORD’S   PRAYER                                                                  Page 95

 COMMUNION                                                                                 Page 98


 DISMISSAL BLESSING                                                                Page 100

 CLOSING HYMN                        “The First Noel”                         Bulletin


We welcome Ms. Mary Ann Warholak as guest organist while our organist Wendy Blotzer is recuperating from surgery.  Thank you, Mary Ann.


Opening Hymn: “Let Us Hasten”

PNCC Hymnal 62 verses 1, 2, & 3


Let us hasten to the manger, welcoming the Holy Savior

//Waken now from slumber brother, Bow before the Child and Mother.//


As the prophets long have stated, patriarch have love awaited,

//Now we come with joy to meet You, Heaven and earth this

night shall greet You.//


O you shepherds of good fortune, who can know your joy’s proportion?

//What your fathers long demanded, you were first to see commanded. //




Closing Hymn: “The First Noel”

PNCC Hymnal 82 verses 1,2,3 & 6


Chorus: Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
              Born is the King of Israel.


The first Noel the angels did say
was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay:
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep
on a cold winter's night that was so deep. (Chorus)

They looked up and saw a star
shining in the east beyond them far

And to the earth it gave great light,

and so it continued both day and night. (Chorus)


And by the light of that same star

Three Wise Men came from country far;

To seek for a king was their intent

And to follow the star, wherever it went; (Chorus)


Then let us all with one accord

Sing praises to our heavenly Lord

That hath made heaven and earth of naught

And with His blood mankind hath bought. (Chorus)



Sunday, January 8, 2017               Solemnity of the Humble Shepherds

Mission Collection/Seminary Collection

Confessions                                                                                    8:30 A.M.

Holy Mass                                                                                      9:00 A.M.

Installation of the 2017 Parish Board of Council

SOCL Classes                                                                              10:15 A.M.

SAMBS Monthly Meeting                                                          10:15 A.M.

Fellowship Hour                                                                          10:15 A.M.

Holy Mass                                                                                    11:00 A.M.


Monday, January 9, 2017                                         Baptism of the Lord

Holy Mass                                                                                    10:00 A.M.


Wednesday, January 11 2017

Bible Class                                                                                      5:45 P.M.                                                             


Saturday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Church Undecorating                                                   9:00 A.M.                                                                                 


Sunday, January 15, 2017                                              2 Ordinary Time

Confessions                                                                                    8:30 A.M.

Holy Mass                                                                                      9:00 A.M.

+Dr. Donald Mushalko Int. Mr. & Mrs. Terry Kleckner; +Helen Korch Int. Ms. Barbara Gojdiuk

SOCL Classes                                                                              10:15 A.M.

Fellowship Hour                                                                          10:15 A.M.

Holy Mass                                                                                    11:00 A.M.

+Frances Strawniak Int. Ms. Rosemarie Twork

Baptism of  Madison Judith Kapral , daughter of Matthew & Michelle (Piekielek) Kapral.


A special envelope for the Savonarola Theological Seminary can be found in the 2016 Stewardship Envelopes for the Solemnity of the Humble Shepherds.


2016 Stewardship Envelopes will be accepted until January 15th.  The financial books for 2016 will be closed after the 15th.  Please begin to use the 2017 Envelopes for the envelope numbers change each year and we do not want anyone to lose credit in their stewardship. Remember that the Diocesan Development Fund was increased to $40 at the October Synod.

If you have any special requiem anniversary date that you would want to reserve for the 2017 year, please contact Fr. Bruce so they can be recorded in the parish ordo.


We still have “At Home with the Word” daily readings available.  Price $10.  See David Kost or Fr. Bruce after Mass.


Sunday Ministry Schedule

     This Week        9:00 A.M.                               11:00 A.M.         

     Greeters              C. Trumpe                              A. Fioravanti               

      Lectors              Red Team                               B. & L. Zaucha      

      Ushers               G. Jugan & S. Tadajski          J. Wagner

    Next Week          9:00 A.M.                             11:00 A.M. 

     Greeters              M. Krusienski                        A Fioravanti

     Lectors                Yellow Team                         B. & L. Zaucha

     Ushers                 D. Crouch & J. Bagshaw      J. Wagner


Humble Shepherd Word Search

Christmas .jpg (1793×1017)


Epiphany Home Visitations.

If you would like to have your home blessed for 2017 during the Epiphany Season, please make arrangements with Fr. Bruce @412.276.5562. Blessed chalk, incense, charcoal and home blessing ritual can be found by the Nativity in the sanctuary.

2017 Board Installation

During Mass this morning, the installation of our elected Parish Board will be administered.  Please keep our Board Members in your prayers as they assume their important positions within our parish as your representatives.

Chairman:  Mr. Ted Gibala

Vice Chair:  Mr. Donald Newcamp

Secretary:  Mrs. Janis Gibala

Financial Secretary:  Mr. Terry Kleckner

Treasurer:  Mrs. Sharon Kish

Board Members:  Mrs. Marcia Angel, Mrs. Wendy Blotzer, Mrs. Jean Ann Crouch, Mrs. Dee Dee Egan, Mrs. Alexa Foster, Mrs. Bozena Kijowski, Mrs. Helen Mulac, Mrs. Deanna Nemec, Mr. Frank Pociask, Mr. Brian Stahurski

Alternates: Mr. George Jugan and Mrs. Deborah Parknavy

Audit Committee: Mr. David Kost, Mrs. Rosemary Pociask, Mrs. Marian Sleczkowski

Parish Tribunal: Rosalie Clark and Janet Korch


Christmas Poinsettias

You can take your Christmas Poinsettias home after Mass today; don’t forget to take the memorial angels.  Available are angel bags to put them in for a keepsake compliments of Marlene Jobes. 


Humble Shepherd

     Our Church created the Solemnity of the Humble Shepherds. Along with

     this Solemnity is a special collection for the Savonarola Theological

     Seminary in Scranton.  Shepherds have often been used to the title of a

     clergyman.  The Pastor leads his flock, teaches his flock and tends his

     flock.  Why did God choose the shepherds to announce the birth of His Son?

    There are many reasons but I choose to believe it was because they were

    simple people.  Hard working, loyal and faithful to their position in life and

    in their faith, traits a good priest possesses.  The simplicity of Christianity

    sometimes is overshadowed by its complexity and I believe Bishop Hodur in

    his wisdom chose this Solemnity to bring the Church back to its simple roots

    and away from all the complexities. If we just love God with all our hearts,

    souls and minds and our neighbor as ourselves, all the rules and teachings

    fall into place. How simple is that?  We may want to know how many angels

    fit on a pinhead needle, but does really matter and is it important?   To me,

    no, I just simply acknowledge that the Lord loves me and is watching over

    me and the joy of Christmas continue to live in my Heart, Home and

    Church.  May the same joy be in yours.

Parish Ministries

We have various ministries in our parish.  Be it singing or playing bells in the choirs, lectors, acolytes, ushering, cooking etc.  We also have organizations that worships our Lord in their services, such as the SAMBS, YMSR and Youth.  Ministries can be found in working around the parish worship center with little odd and ends such as polishing the liturgical appointments to prayer blankets.  A Mission & Evangelism Committee is being formed.  We have something for everyone. Speak with Father and he will direct you to a ministry that would utilize your God given gifts.

Marian and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our parishioners and parish family for the beautiful cards, gifts and best wishes to us during our Christmas Celebration. Your love shown to us enhances our ministry here in Holy Family Parish as we continue building Christ’s Church along the path to salvation for our parish.  God, Bless You All! 


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Humble Shepherds


First Reading: Isaiah 62: 11-12

Responsorial:  97

Second Reading: Titus 3: 4-7

Gospel: Luke 2: 15-20




Key VerseWhen the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”

                                                                                         Luke 2: 15


Readings:  Our first reading from the Old Testament speaks about the coming of the Messiah in prophecy in terms of the Incarnation. This was something special for the Jewish People of old. Paul writes to Titus how God’s own compassions have saved us upon receiving Him in our hearts.  The Gospel continues the Christmas narrative about the shepherds who left their flocks and sought out our Lord.  Upon seeing Him, they believed and told everyone concerning this Child through their glorifying and praising of God.


Reflections:  How can I share the gift of Jesus during this Christmas and New Year Season? From the commemoration of the birth of Christ, is it possible to have a rebirth within myself?  Being baptized in the faith I should reflect about our spiritual state of being as a follower of the Lord and how I can improve. With God, all things are possible if I allow Jesus to enter my life. This is a Year of personal Commitment to Jesus and His Church; may I do so.

PRAYING: Thank you Heavenly Father for giving Your Son to me.  May my prayers always reflect Your love and forgiveness as I imitate those shepherds at the First Christmas who saw their salvation in that Child lying in the manger.  This I pray through the same Child, Christ the Lord.