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National Catholic Church

1921 Eden Park Boulevard

McKeesport. Pa. 15132

412.678.0566 Office; Auditorium 412.664.7009


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Ordinary Time 4

        January 29, 2017

    Change of address or phone number, for parish registration, hospital visitations

    or Sacramental needs, baptism and wedding arrangements, please contact the

    Parish Office by calling 412.276.5562 or 412.678.0566. Office Hours: Fridays

    9:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M or by appointment.  Bulletin announcements

    should be received by Father by Wednesday for Sunday publication either by

    phone or E-mail at BSleczkowski@aol.comProduct Image


 Parish Staff:

  Fr. Bruce Sleczkowski, Pastor 412.276.5562

  Ted Gibala, Committee Chairman 412.678.7347

  Carol Davelli, Choir Director 412.678.2368

  Wendy Blotzer, Organist, Bell Choir 412.203.1747                          

  David Kost, Lector Coordinator 412.519.7771

  Patricia Bagshaw, Youth Director 412.953.5123

  George Jugan, Cemetery Coordinator 412.653.1467

  Parish Custodian 412.678.7347                                    

        The Holy Family

 Liturgy for the Sunday Ordinary 4


OPENING HYMN                     “Blessed is He”                             Bulletin                        

Introductory Rite                                                                               Page 63

 Entrance Hymn                                                                      Psalm 32: 1-2                            

 P:   Happy the sinner whose fault is removed, whose sin is forgiven.

 R:  Happy those to whom the Lord imputes no guilt, in whose spirit is no


 P:  Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

 R:  As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world

      without end. Amen.                                                                               

 KYRIE                                                                                             Page 67



  First Reading                                                         Zephaniah 2: 3, 3: 12-13                          

  Responsorial Psalm                                                                       Psalm 146     

  R: The Lord is my light and my salvation.

  Second Reading                                                         1 Corinthians 1:26-31     

 Gospel Acclamations.                                                          Matthew 5: 12a                                 

 C:   Alleluia   

 R:   Alleluia 

 C:   Rejoice and be glad; your reward will be great in heaven.

 R:   Alleluia 

 Gospel                                                                                Matthew 5: 1-12a   


NICENE CREED                                                                               Page 71


     R:  Lord, Hear our Prayer

OFFERTORY                                                                                    Page 73


 CANON                           Eucharistic Prayer 5                                 Page 92

THE LORD’S   PRAYER                                                                  Page 95

 COMMUNION                                                                                 Page 98


 DISMISSAL BLESSING                                                                Page 100

 CLOSING HYMN     “Lord, You Gave the Great Commission”    Bulletin


“The Lord guides the humble rightly, and teaches the humble the way.  All the paths of the Lord are faithful love towards those who honor the covenant demands.”                                                             Psalm 25: 9-10


Opening Hymn: “Blessed is He”

                              PNCC Hymnal 196 verses 1 & 2


Blessed is he who trusts in God Almighty

And he who hopes in God’s most gracious mercy.

He shall acknowledge, God is my protector

In life’s dark journey I shall fear no danger.

I shall fear no danger.


From all the pow’rs of evil God hall save him

Of nature’s forces, he shall ne’er fall victim.

Under the pinions of the Lord Almighty,

In God’s protection, he shall dwell in safety,

He shall dwell in safety.


Closing Hymn:  “Lord You Give the Great Commission”

CC Hymnal 267 verses 1, 2, 3 & 5


Lord, you give the great commission: "Heal the sick and preach the word." Lest the Church neglect its mission and the Gospel go unheard, help us witness to your purpose with renewed integrity;
with the Spirit's gifts empower us for the work of ministry.

Lord, you call us to your service: "In my name baptize and teach."
That the world may trust your promise, life abundant meant for each, give us all new fervor, draw us closer in community;
with the Spirit's gifts empower us for the work of ministry.

Lord, you make the common holy: "This my body, this my blood."
Let your priests, for earth's true glory, daily lift life heavenward,
asking that world around us share your children's liberty;
with the Spirit's gifts empower us for the work of ministry.

Lord, you bless with words assuring: "I am with you to the end."
Faith and hope and love restoring, may we serve as you intend,
and, amid the cares that claim us, hold in mind eternity;
with the Spirit's gifts empower us for the work of ministry.



Sunday, January 29, 2017                                              4 Ordinary Time

Music Scholarship Sunday

Confessions                                                                                    8:30 A.M.

Holy Mass                                                                                      9:00 A.M.

+Eleanor Sharik (1st Ann,) Int. Parknavy & Sharik; +Phillip Kotulsky

 (5th Ann.) Int. Mrs. Mildred Kotulsky & Family. +Donald Gabauer (5th Ann.) Int. Mrs. Josephine Gabauer & Family

Blessing of Parish Liturgical copes in memory of Mrs. Eleanor Sharik bought by the Parknavy-Shark Families.

SOCL Classes                                                                              10:15 A.M.

Fellowship Hour                                                                          10:15 A.M.

Holy Mass                                                                                    11:00 A.M.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bible Class                                                                                     5:45 P.M.


Thursday, February 2, 2017                             Presentation of the Lord

Blessing of Candles/Throats

Holy Mass                                                                                   10:00 A.M.


Sunday, February 5, 2017                                              5 Ordinary Time

Confessions                                                                                    8:30 A.M.

Holy Mass                                                                                      9:00 A.M.

+Mildred Foster, Martha Turnbull, & Amy Helffrich Int. Abbey Foster; +Pearl Korenoski Int. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tomkowitz.

SOCL Classes                                                                              10:15 A.M.

Fellowship Hour                                                                          10:15 A.M.

Holy Mass                                                           

                        11:00 A.M.


Parish Sympathies

Holy Family offers its prayers and sympathies to Wendy Blotzer & Family and Emil Ploskina upon the passing of Mary Mowrey, mother and sister. Eternal rest grant to her Lord and let the perpetual light shine upon her.  May she rest in peace. Visitations are Sunday at the Jaycox-Jaworski Funeral Home from 2 P.M.-4 P.M. And 6 P.M.-8 P.M. Funeral services begin Monday with a blessing at 9:30 A.M. followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at 10:00 A.M. in Holy Family Parish.


Sunday Ministry Schedule


     This Week       9:00 A.M.                               11:00 A.M.         

     Greeters             C. Trumpe                             A. Fioravanti              

      Lectors             Red Team                               B. & L. Zaucha      

      Ushers             B. Griffiths & J. Trumpe        J. Wagner


    Next Week         9:00 A.M.                             11:00 A.M. 

     Greeters            M. Krusienski                         A Fioravanti

     Lectors             Yellow Team                          B. & L. Zaucha

     Ushers              J. Lawrence & T. Kleckner    J. Wagner


4 Ordinary Time Word Search

Wordsearch Ordinary 4A.jpg (1161×590)


Youth Gathering

The Cathedral Youth Association cordially inviting the Youth of the Diocese to spend a Saturday with them at "Splash Lagoon" in Erie, PA. The date is Feb 11th from 10:30 AM until closing. (approx. times).  The group rate cost is $36.95 per person which includes all the standard water rides at the facility. The 'absolute" cut off today to guarantee the tickets. Those interested should contact Patty Bagshaw or Fr. Bruce.

Parish Ministries Year of Commitment

We have various ministries in our parish.  Be it singing or playing bells in the choirs, lectors, acolytes, ushering, cooking etc.  We also have organizations that worships our Lord in their services, such as the SAMBS, YMSR and Youth.  Ministries can be found in working around the parish worship center with little odd and ends such as polishing the liturgical appointments to prayer blankets.  A Mission & Evangelism Committee is being formed.  We have something for everyone. Speak with Father and he will direct you to a ministry that would utilize your God given gifts.

Music Scholarship Sunday

Today is Music Scholarship Sunday.  Scholarships are awarded to aspiring musicians and vocalists throughout the Church to help in their studies.  Holy Family has benefited with many awards to our applicants over the years and continues today. 2016 Scholarship awards were given to our own Hannah Jobes and Tyler Bagshaw.  Applications and requirements for the 2017 Scholarship Program can be downloaded nucscholarship@gmail.com.  Deadline for application is May 1, 2017.


To date our Parish Organ Fund has reached $27, 9050.00.  Thank you for the generosity of our parishioners and organizations.


God’s Field/Rola Boza

The 2017-2018 subscriptions to are Church’s Official Publications are now being taken.  The yearly price has remained the same-$48.00.  Order forms are available in the Church’s Book Rack in the Vestibule.  To view monthly issues on line, go to PNCC.org and click onto God’s Field link.



If you have any special requiem anniversary date that you would want to reserve for the 2017 year, please contact Fr. Bruce so they can be recorded in the parish ordo.

Year of Commitment

How do we inherit eternal life? How can we come to know God, the living God? We shall see that in Biblical teaching, the answers to these questions are inseparably linked to our commitment to God.

Commitment is an action on our part in response to God. There is no point talking about commitment unless we have at least the intention to commit. Our purpose, then, is to call forth a specific active response to God, and not just to increase our head knowledge. I will base this book on the Bible, the word of God, and not on human ideas or opinions. Our goal is a breakthrough in our relat­ionship with God. As for those of you who have already made commitment to God, my hope is that any hindrance that may still stand between you and God will be removed.

Partial Commitment is no Commitment

Many Christians drag on in the Christian life year after year in partial commitment to God. But in the Bible, partial commitment is no commitment at all. The Lord Jesus says, “I wish that you were cold or hot” “Cold” means turning away from God all together. Yet in the mind of the Lord, that is not quite as bad as being lukewarm—neither here nor there. You may be 80 percent for God and 20 percent for the world, but the truth is that not even 95 percent is good enough for God. He requires of you nothing less than total commitment.

Many Christians are crippled in their Christian lives because of half-hearted commitment. They don’t exper­ience the joy and peace of the Christian life. They can’t communicate with God, and God doesn’t listen to their prayers. The problem is that their commitment has not been settled: they are not totally committed to God.

The Christian Life does not Work without Total Commitment

Based on God’s word, there is simply no way to live the Christian life without total commitment. That is the fact of the matter. It is not a matter of theory but a matter of reality and experience. You will discover for yourself that the Christian life simply won’t work if you don’t commit totally to God. Does God answer your prayers? If He doesn’t, then something needs to be sorted out about your commitment. There are even people in full-time ministry who have commitment problems, but they realize this only after entering the ministry. This is a miserable situation to be in. You may have given up everything to serve the Lord, only to find out that you have no spiritual power, no joy, and no fellowship with God. Holding back a little some­thing for yourself will undermine your commitment.

All in all, commitment must do with the most important subject of all: our relationship with God.

to be continued

Fourth Sunday  

Ordinary Times


First Reading: Zephaniah 2: 3, 3: 12-13

Responsorial:  146

Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 1: 26-31

Gospel: Matthew 5: 1-12a


Key Verse: “Blessed are the poor in spirit; the kingdom of heaven is theirs!                                                                        Matthew 4: 23      


Readings: Zephaniah exhorts the people to humble themselves and turn to the Lord, that they be sheltered during his anger.  Added is the people are to live per His law and receive His care and protection. Paul invites us to follow the Lord and reminds us that all we are and that all we do comes from the Lord Alone this is a reason to boast. Our Gospel gives us the framework for the whole of Jesus’ ministry and the core of expectations for all his disciples.


Reflections:  This week St. Matthew begins the most important summary of the proclamation of the kingdom of God what we refer to as the “Sermon on the Mount.” This great collection of Jesus’ teachings begins with the Beatitudes, the Charter of the Kingdom. It is essential to understand these, if we are to understand what we will read in St Matthew during the rest of this year: the key, as underlined by the First Reading, is that the values of this world are not the values of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom will see things turned upside down: happiness and blessing belong to those whom this world would ignore or mistreat. If we truly wish to live out the Gospel, we would do well to reflect on the virtues laid out in this familiar passage.


PRAYING: Almighty God, we pray that Christ will help us avoid the arrogance that often goes with a material world. And helps us to become the humble servants we should be here on His kingdom .